20 Questions Answered About Which Is The Right Martial Art School To Choose In Maidstone!

How to choose the right Martial Art for you and or your child

It’s simple there are 10 videos of FAQ’s and the 10 videos of Questions that you should be asking SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions) and I’ve answered them all for you.

We strongly advise you watch these videos before you go to any Martial art club, academy, or school, so you know that you are choosing the best place to learn, for either you or your child.

There are a lot of Martial art clubs, academys, and schools out there either charging per class, per month or up front pay in advance and the last thing you want to happen is that you turn up one day and no one is there.

I’ve heard so many times now, from our students that they had their class that night and when they arrived It was closed or the instructor had gone and a more junior person than them was now taking the class.

Well, as we know you do get what you pay for and the cheap option is not always the best one, anyway I feel that it is my obligation to put your mind a rest, so please put your name and email into the box and I’ll send you the link to all the videos, they are only a couple of minutes each so it will not take you long, and at least you know you’ll be better educated when joining a Martial Art. Thank you for your time and I’ll see you on the otherside.


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